Offshore and Onshore Catering And Housekeeping

From cooks planning cost effective menus to utility hands assisting the cook or performing housekeeping duties on a daily basis, we provide you with fully trained and capable onshore and offshore catering personnel.

At Crave Caterers

Hire a team specially trained to work in vessels, onboard camps, rigs, and similar work environments. Crave Caterers has provided catering personnel for major boat companies and offshore oil rigs; we know the workflows in both offshore and onshore facilities, so you can be sure that your catering team can meet the demands of the job.

Special Requirements

We Meet Your
Special Requirements

Crave Caterers is open to accommodating special requirements. We can discuss shift schedules, transportation of food supplies, working conditions, and dietary requirements, so we can adapt to your established workflows and comply with your site regulations.

Work with People
Trained in Sanitation

On top of superior culinary skills, our staff follows the highest sanitation standards, ensuring that food is stored, prepared, and presented properly. The cooking process will be done professionally and dishware cleaning will be thorough as well as safe. Compliance with international health and safety regulations is priority for Crave personnel.

Use the Freshest

Our personnel uses only fresh produce, meat, and dairy sourced from trusted suppliers. These not only give the dishes an outstanding flavor, but also safeguard the safety of the diners. Different types of produce, meat, and dairy are packed securely, stored properly, and delivered to your site on time.

Avoid Menu Fatigue

When food is concerned, variety is crucial. We review and modify menus regularly to avoid menu fatigue, which can cause a drop in interest. Our team is trained to cook and present a wide variety of cuisines, so you can be sure that they’re up to the challenge.