Lights! Camera! Action! Crave caterers is no stranger to Film indusrty. Our company provides full- service location meal preparation to the fast-paced, demanding movie industry.

At Crave Caterers

Our reputation is built on the quality of our food, the excellence of our service, the friendliness of our crew.For speed and efficiency, we offer a double-sided buffet service line that can serve up to 145 people in twenty minutes. 

Fresh, High Quality Ingredients, Delivered Daily

Our experience through the years taught us that serving straight from the window of the kitchen is a very slow way to serve the crew and time is money!! We need to move crew back to production time as soon as possible without compromising service. We use fresh, high- quality ingredients delivered daily to make healthy, mouth-watering meals that satisfy any taste and meet any dietary need. Whether you need high end catering for your on-screen leads, private events for top executives, or craft services for the whole crew, Crave has done it all and wowed at every turn.